Recover the Value of
your Event Content

November 16, 2021

1 PM - 2 PM Eastern Time

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For over a decade, organizations have captured and archived video content from their live events and webinars. Based on a recent survey, 65.9% of event organizers also make their virtual event content available on-demand after the live broadcast.

The result is a massive treasure trove of valuable and underused education, motivation, and customer insight. It’s time to strategize your approach to recovering the value of on-demand content. Join Humphrey Chen, co-founder and CEO of CLIPr, Tim Groot, Founder and CEO of Grip, and Dahlia El Gazzar, CEO of Dahlia+ Agency, for an interactive discussion on innovative ways to activate your event content.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to monetize your on-demand content the right way
  • How to use analytics to gain customer insight and uncover up-sell and renewal opportunities
  • How to use on-demand content to build your 365 community and create increased customer touch-points 
  • How to use analytics to devise your future content strategies


November 16, 2021

1 PM - 2 PM Eastern Time